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Today, technology is growing up day by day. Marketing with internet and technology is the current trend. Digital Marketing freelancer website welcomes you all.

Digital Marketing Freelancer and Consultant Services

Digital Marketing Strategies

A proper planning, organising digital marketing projects, budgets, choosing target audience, digital marketing channels that works for your business objective and other digital marketing day to day activities along with monitoring and optimising for better result is one portion of key to success.

Digital Marketing Freelancer and Consultant Services

WordPress Webpage design

WordPress is a popular content management tool. Making webpages design according to audience need would rearing customers to website.

Have your own Online E-commerce Store​

Stop direct Selling with just boring images in social media marketing alone. Create your store and with digital marketing create value to audience through online store.

Digital Marketing Freelancer and Consultant Services

Search Engine Optimisation

Optimising your website for Search Engine like Google, Bing etc would help you rank. Onpage and off page optimisation would help your rank on the top beating your competators.

Digital Marketing Freelancer and Consultant Services

Online Ads

Advertise your products and services to potential customers to reach them and close the deal. Google ads, Bing ads, Social media ads like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc are tools.

Digital Marketing Freelancer and Consultant Services

Social Media Marketing

Take your business where your audiences are present. Choose social media channels like Facebook, Twitter etc according to business needs.

Mobile Marketing

Usage of mobile devices has increased. It's important to make your business, website and apps responsive to mobile devices. Location based nearby search in current trend to search business store.

Digital Marketing Freelancer and Consultant Services

Inbound Marketing

Pull your customers with inbound marketing. Stop direct digital sales in various DM channels. Instead add value through your products and services.

Digital Marketing Freelancer and Consultant Services

Video Marketing

Reach your customers through video marketing. Vseo would help you to rank video on top under video tab of search engines.

Digital Marketing Freelancer and Consultant Services

Email Marketing

Email is a powerful tool in marketing. Email List building, Email Deliverability, Email Creation, Email analytics, Email ads are pillars of email marketing.

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Monisha is a passionate marketer. Though we have Facebook and other social medias, exploring them and making it a good use for us seems to be a separate job in itself. Monisha worked with us part-time, but still worked with full energy. She spared her free time thinking on the ways to market our product. She explored a lot of places where we could find customers and our customers could find us. She could originate lots of ideas and convert them into actions which brought us good results. She is full of ideas and will push you to good extent for the benefit of your business. I highly recommend Monisha.
CEO of Aalam
Monisha is one enthusiast and highly skilled professional that you would want to work with. Monisha gets to the core of every niche that is given to her in digital marketing. she aims her forte to be one of the best digital marketing consultant for many IT and Non IT companies. Also, I felt proud to training her in Digital Marketing, her seriousness to learn and manage responsibilities is overwhelming.
Harshita Rai
CEO of ESecure Pvt. LTD