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Email marketing services for B2b business
Email marketing services for your brand in india

Email Marketing Services: Today technology is grown to such an extent that what was trending a few years back is no more a trend.

  1. When it comes to email marketing services is still valid for business?
  2. Has it replaced by chatboats?
  3. Will sending regular emails to clients help in business growth? Will customers make use of emails sent from the business brand.
  4. Just collecting emails through Lead generation won’t work until there are strong email marketing strategies
  5. Asking people to subscribe for your blog or video channels will only help in the generation of leads.
  6. Customer will react to emails that add real value to their need and wants from the business, brands, blogs, video channels etc.
  7. Your next question would be how to add value through email marketing rather than sending sales emails.

To all the above questions our email marketing services is the answer.

Email marketing services for your business

Our email marketing services includes

  • Create an email marketing strategy.
  • Setting up business emails
  • Provide a reliable email marketing tool
  • Design and develop email
              1. Introduction emails 
              2. Thank you email
              3. Wishes email
              4. Business email marketing services
              5. Product & Services email
              6. Ads in email marketing services
              7. Email marketing campaigns
              8. Lead nurturing through email marketing
              9. Blogging email
              10. Email marketing for small business
              11. Email marketing services for ecommerce
              12. Email marketing for brand awareness
  • Email deliverability
  • Email analytics & optimisation
  • Set up automated customer journeys.

Email Marketing Services Tabs

Email deliverability is a secret crisis facing any business that relies on email communications. Unfortunately, most companies don’t think about deliverability until they have a major issue—like when thousands, or in some cases millions, of emails fail to arrive. Businesses falsely assume that an email is delivered if they don’t receive a bounce notification. But the reality is very different. Email deliverability is sender making email deliver to the receivers inbox not to the spam box or other places. 

  • Our email marketing services helps in managing your reputation, Infrastructure, authentication etc. and land your email into inbox to have a smooth email marketing communication.

Email Marketing Services

Our email marketing services works based on the goals to be achieved from email communication method the email creation changes.

  • Usage of  email marketing templates
  • Email notification
  • Blog and website related emails
  • SEO emails
  • SMM email
  • Sales related emails
  • After sales support emails
  • Ecommerce emails
  • Email automation
  • Marketing emails
  • Regular wishes emails and so on.

An email campaign is a coordinated set of email marketing messages delivered at intervals and designed to escalate a persuasive argument to purchase, subscribe, download, etc. The content and design should be crafted so that each message builds on the previous, offering relevant new content, media, and links, without losing focus on the “call to action”. While email campaigns require careful planning, the ROI is often greater because they deliver the multiple contacts needed to make a sale.  

Our email marketing services help is creating with the email marketing strategy for  paid ads inside email services like gmails, campaign and organic email campaigns

Email tracking or email marketing analytics is a method for monitoring the delivery of email messages to the intended recipient. Optimise your email marketing campaign to boost the performance with data and taking up decisions. It helps in increasing the open rate, take reactions for the email sent. Some of the matrix we track are

  • Email open rate
  • Click through rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Email has reached customer inbox
  • Split text data
  • Subject line 
  • Email content and design based on data is it working for the set of targeted audiences
  • Subscription vs unsubscription
  • Conversion in each stage of market funnel.
  • Email marketing ads data
  • And many more matrics

Email marketing services content writing starts from writing Quality content rather than sending spam or inappropriate email or random email.

With all of the awesome capabilities we have with videos, images, and templates for email marketing, deciding what to include in your message is a challenge. The key here is not to go overboard. Keep your message focused and provide a path for your reader to follow – an introduction, body/message, and call-to-action. Your business message should answer the questions or problems that your customers face. Make sure you are writing for your readers and their interests. Keep the email message clean, don’t overwhelm your readers with too much background noise – white space is a good thing.That’s the reason we constantly intracting with our clients while drafting email marketing designs and content.

  • Subject line that makes people to open emails
  • Design of emails
  • Different formats of presenting the email content like call to action, video in email, images etc
  • SEO email content writing
  • SMM email marketing services
  • Automatic emails
  • E-commerce email marketing services

Frequenly Asked Question

We choose email marketing seservices provider based on few factors

  1. No of free emails per month
  2. Your email marketing service budget
  3. Business requirement and objectives
  4. Features provided for both free and paid versions of the plaform

Yes, an actionable plan (strategy) with good knowledge about business and   important in our email marketing services. We start by understanding email marketing, consumer behaviour, email marketing services.

  • First, when we start working for identify what your specific email marketing goals as a part of our email marketing . Are you using email for customer retention? To upsell or cross-sell? To convert prospects into paying customers? Determine the quantitative and qualitative aspects of these goals. the email for nurturing audiences? 
  • Next, make sure each part of your email marketing aligns with the overall digital marketing strategy of your organization.
  • Finally, establish a process for continuous improvement.
  • We build Email marketing strategies both for B2B and B2C industries.

We take a scientific approach to optimizing your email campaigns:

  • Ask a question – how do I improve engagement?
  • Formulate a hypothesis – will sending emails earlier in the day result in higher levels of engagement?
  • Test the hypothesis by sending one set of emails in the morning and one set in the afternoon.
  • Analyze and document the results to see if your hypothesis is correct. Did the emails sent in the morning have higher levels of engagement than the emails sent in the afternoon?
  • We also carry on with A/B split texting to understand performance from sample audience’s point of view 
  • Learn from the results to improve future campaigns. If the performance was better during a certain time, send future emails at the time of day that performed better.

Then repeat. This simple method can be used to test a number of variables.

We help in making more personalised emails to bring more trust to take actions based on the  email recieved with our email marketing services. When it comes to email, you’re typically going to have far more customer data than you do in almost any other channel. So email should really be the place where you drive the most personalized experiences. For the amount of time and energy that it takes, the ROI is off the charts.

When you send your subscribers messages they care about, they’re more likely to remain your customer. The people interacting with your emails are generally going to be the most loyal, the most engaged and the most valuable.

Everybody gets so much email that we generally only pay attention to those from the companies we care most about. You want to make sure you provide an excellent experience so your customers continue to be advocates for your organization.

With our digital marketing services, Lead generation campaigns both organically and paid campaigns by providing real value to the audiences we nurture them to become subscribers with the help of marketing funnel technique and data driven marketing knowing about audiences and buyer persona. We don’t waste time in pushing email to those who are not intersted with customers brand, product and services. It would take some time to get quality leads. 

A/B testing is a great technique for uncovering the best email marketing tactics and timing for your specific audience. You can test everything in your email from template to subject line to headline. Here is a list of some ideas to get started:

  • Subject line
  • Layout of the message (one-column or two)
  • Personalization strategy
  • Call-to-action
  • Headline
  • Images
  • Time/Day of week

 You should only test one variable at a time, so the data is clear on what worked, and what didn’t. My advice, test continuously – there’s always room for improvement.