Search Engine Optimisation

How to bring your website on top

SEO components

Search engine optimization one of the solution. The search engine is software where the user types their queries and search result appears within few minutes.

Keyword types

  • Exact match
  • Phrase match
  • Broad search
  • Size of keywords- long tail and short keywords
  • Latin semantic Index (LSI) Keyword

Example: Real Orange juice

Search queries

  • Narrative search queries
  • Informational search queries
  • Transaction Search queries

Many results appear. The result, which has Ad near the Url, is called paid ads. Next, come organic results (non paid for obtaining results) in the center portion.On the right-hand side, Ads appears. In some cases, paid ads appear below the search engine on the result page.

 Components of the search result

  • Title tag(maximum 60 characters)| followed by Brand name
  • URL(link)
  • Meta description (or) Snippet (max-160)
  • Sponsored results – Ads (paid ads)
  • Images
  • Videos
  • LSI keywords
  • Pages numbers

Types of SEO

  • Onpage – on the webpage optimization
  • Offpage – quality links, Backlinks, pointing to a website
  • Technical SEO- redirecting to another URL(link), error 404 etc.,

Let me explain with a live example for better understanding Onpage SEO

first page in googleSearch result

Attaching an SEO Audit (checkup)- Based on which optimization happens

For better understanding

The good score should be above 80

Attaching result of SEO Audit comparison of 3 sights

SEO checkup




 Tool that can be used

Factors influencing how to be on the top in search

  • Based on keywords – Relevance / search queries
  • Search engine Algorithm- Solve search problem and find the best solution from set of data. Math with coding.
  • Indexing after crawling happens in the database of Google, Bing, Yahoo- which ever search engine is used.
  • Page rank
  • Linking to links in webpage
  • Web design – page design – page speed – Heading- URL- Title tag- Meta tag- Alternate text – Image/ video caption – website over all data size, Theme- simple to heavy, Image size and clarity etc
  • Responsive website- mobile friendly, Tab friendly, PC friendly
  • H1, H2, Site map
  • Bounce rate – only viewing no action taken
  • Keyword Research
  • Onpage, Offpage & Technical SEO
  • Alt text in Image
  • Focus keyword
  • Content
  • Menus

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