Social Media Planning with content planning

Social Media Planning

We all Publish content through differ medium starting from website content to various social media channel. Online business’s main ingredient is content. Every stage of business or any project starts with planning face.

Stages of Management Process 

Management stages

Every process involves some planning as allocating resources, time, workload and achieving the goal. In this digital world let use some calendar tools to publish content at right time to right target people and deliver the right message.SM planning stages Source: Social media marketing Philips Kotler content types used in social media Source: Hubspot. A brand for example lets take Dominos pizza. Imagine how difficult it would be, to maintain digital marketing with content marketing. A number of the location they are present: 13,811(2017). Like, they do customization in product and service they should also customize online marketing with content and language to deliver content.


  1. Select your content based on customer / Readers
  2. Content Asset
  3. Schedule, publish, track and tweak content

Blog Planning

A blog is regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. Nowadays the no od individual bloggers as well blog belonging to the organization and no of post per blog keeps on increasing. Planning is essential.This tool will help you to plan and schedule your blog post to achieve your goals.



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